Monday, 19 November 2012

Review: Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream

 Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream

 In this months glossy box I received a sample of the Dr Jart + Water fuse BB cream. I was very happy when I saw this in my box, because i've wanted to try a good Beauty Balm for ages and have heard glowing reviews about the Dr Jart+ BB creams. The first thing that impressed me about this sample was the size, it came in a 15ml tube which is quite good considering the normal size is 50ml. The full size version of the product costs £18 which I think is quite a reasonable price and it is the cheapest of the Dr Jart + BB creams. The water fuse beauty balm provides natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone and minimises the appearance of imperfections. It is oil free and has a SPF of 25. There are four variations of the product available in the UK, each varying in price and formula, they are all designed for different skin types aswell as different age groups
  •  Water Fuse - Focused on moisturising the skin, yet remains oil-free and controls sebum
  • Regenerating - Hydrates sensitive skin and works to conceal redness and blemishes with a slightly higher coverage.
  • Platinum - Helps to counteract the first signs of ageing (targeted at women in their 30's)
  • Premium - Targeted at more mature skin, focused on anti-ageing with a higher SPF than the other varieties

I tried the BB cream straight away and was very impressed with it. It gives a very natural bright glow and makes your skin look fresh and happy. This formula is suited for oily skin, my skin is not oily but I found that it still has a nice effect on the skin.  When applying it I found that it has a thick consistancy so only a small amount is needed to give good coverage, it blends in to the skin really well and really complimented my skin tone. I have read other reviews on this product and some people have found that the colour is not right for their skin tone as it is quite a light colour. However on my face it gave me a nice dewy glow which covered most of my problem areas, when using it I like to still use a bit of concealer to make sure there are no red areas and I also tend to use powder on top to give a more matte finish. Overall though I am very impressed with this product and it is a great daytime alternative to a full face of foundation, it gives a good coverage without being heavy on the skin. I will deffinately be repurchasing it when my sample runs out. 


  1. great review. Love your style and blog - now following! :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your review, as I have also tried Dr. Jart BB cream recently and just like you, I was a first timer. The colour was ok for me, slightly on the greyish side, I found and the coverage, in my opinion wasn't enough. I suppose this is something I would only wear in the summer since it's so light formulated.

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    See you soon.

  3. such a nice product and thank you for this review *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!