Tuesday, 5 November 2013

DIY Ripped Knee Jeans

image 1


Inspired by all the ripped knee jeans that I've been spotting I decided to create my own, and i'm so pleased with the results, I'm the type of person who would probably spend £40 on a new pair in this style from zara, topshop or asos. However when I pulled out this old pair of topshop jeans from my wardrobe it seemed much wiser to do it myself! Luckily these Jeans still fit me aside from being a bit long. To make the cuts I put the jeans on so I could find the exact spot on my knee that I wanted them ripped, I then made a small hole on the spot and then cut slits, i started with a small slit then added more too the sides until I had the right slit length, I think the results are pretty good and you can't tell I didn't buy them new :) 

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