Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Affordable Purchases

This month i've been desperate to save up all my money ready for a massive shopping trip for my birthday in february, however I find it very hard to resist spending especially in a gloomy month like January, this month has been hell with the amount of deadlines and exams and anxiety attacks that I've faced so I've had to make a few hard choices on what to spend my money on. My main aim was too find things that I want that aren't going to cost me a fortune, so I cheated and got some bits from eBay and fragrance direct. Giving me what I want for very reasonable prices.

The two pairs of sunglasses are copies of Karen Walker Sunglasses which I have been dreaming of owning for years now, however buying the real things would set me back a few hundred pounds and I cannot afford that so I settled with two pairs from THIS eBay store at a much friendlier price of £9 each 

I've spotted this style Celine T-shirt around the web for a long time now and have always lusted over it since first spotting it, so I was very happy to purchase this t-shirt from THIS eBay store for £7.49 with free shipping! 

Finally I stocked up on a few more Essie shades, Essie are my favourite nail varnishes I love everything about them from the bottles to the amazing range of colours, like most nail varnish lovers i hope to one day own them all however at £7.99 a bottle from boots or superdrug its not very realistic. I used to buy them from boots whenever I could but it just got a bit ridiculous for a poor girl like me, so for the last few months i've been getting them for £1.99 from its a great website which offers a huge selection of make up and perfume for really good prices. The only problem I have with it is that their are only a select amount of Essie colours available, they add new ones every so often but it can be a bit annoying. But it doesn't really bother me when they're only £1.99 each! A little tip from me is to go onto google and find a fragrance direct voucher code before paying, as their always seems to be 10 or 20% code available and although its not a huge amount less, every penny counts and can contribute to the shipping price. So yeah fragrance direct is great because you can get three bottles for the same price as one! 

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