Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review: Fashion Photography 101 by Lara Jade

Recently I was browsing the web for nice fashion related books, when I came across the book Fashion photography 101 by Lara Jade, It looked interesting and was only £10.49 so I was quite intregued and decided to find out more, I hadn't heard of Lara Jade, and boy was I missing out on her beautiful work. I went onto her website and looked through her portfolio and its amazing, I love her styling and the lighting and how dreamy her photos look. Deffinately one me over and I decided I must get the book! And so I did and what a great purchase it was!

The book itself is beautifully presented and is just bloody brilliant,  it is a complete course for new fashion photographers and the idea behind the book is for Lara to share her knoweldge on fashion photography and the steps requried to create beautiful proffesional work. The book is made up of 9 chapters guiding you through the different processes of photography starting from the initial idea and equiptment needed through to the shooting and scenery and then retouching and the finished product including marketing. 

The first chapter Equiptment introduces you to different cameras and lenses and how to chose the right camera for you and for what you want to achieve. I found this part very interesting as I am always facsinated by what cameras photographers use and how they prefer to shoot, the lenses section introduced me to the brand lensbaby and their lenses and I now know what I want for christmas! It also covers softwear and hardwear that photographers use aswell.

The next chapter is about preperation and talks about every step a photgrapher takes when preparing their shoot, such as basic camera settings and preparing the shoot, it also covers sketching and inspiration which I found very interesting to read about. 

The third chapter is about the creative team and guides you through the people who make up the team such as stylists and makeup artists and their roles in photography, it then goes on to talk about models and how to cast them as well as how to style your chosen model and how to direct them. 

The fourth chapter about shooting covers all the different forms of lighting used and how to work with artifical and natural lights and how to decide which form of light is best for your shoot. This section is really really good and guides you through every step and taught me alot of stuff I didn't know. 

The following chapters showcase alot of Lara Jades work and shows the different scenarios that she works in, such as beauty shots and group shots

It then goes on to talk about what its like to work with clients and working from a brief. Aswell as a lot of the legal and technical parts such as copyright and pricing. 

The next chapter titled organisation is very interesting as it guides you through the process of filing photos and choosing the 'right' shot and leads you straight through to the next chapter which is retouching, this chapter shares lots of great tutorials on adding layers and making adjustments to photos, this section is great for those who don't know alot about using softwear such as photoshop and teaches you in simple steps how to make great improvement and changes to photos. 

The final chapter marketing is a great conclusion to the book and talks about the importance of social media and alot about portfolios and web portfolios.

I really reccomend this book to anyone interested in photography and fashion photography, especially beginners. Even if you already know the basics its holds a great load of information and literally covers everything! I love how its written by a photographer and shares all of her advice and experience. Its a great book for a great price, £10.49 is ridiculously good for this book and is deffiantely worth it. 

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